Objek Wisata Majalengka Situ Cipanten, Wisata Alam Majalengka.

Hello, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, meet again on our YouTube channel, explore family. This time, the buying expert will invite all of our friends, namely to go back to traveling in Majalengka, West Java, which is more hits and also viral, namely Cipanten, in full, watch the video until it runs out and thank you for watching. support our channel by subscribing, those who haven't subscribed subscribe immediately because we will provide information about tourist attractions, culinary places and also lodging, so subscribe like share and comment thanks [Music] [Music] hello hello friends how are you healthy and best wishes to you All of you are experts glorifying Majak, all of my friends, that is, returning to travel in Majalengka.

Recently, tourist attractions in Majalengka are viral and it's even often present, namely on Instagram Stories or Facebook. Export buyers will be macho, friends, all to one place.

tour in Majalengka yai tu there, cipanten , the patent wash, is a tourist spot that is not foreign to Majalengka and its surroundings . located on Jalan gunungkuning Sindang gunungkuning Sindang, Majalengka district, West Java [Music], although the road goes up and down , this is enough for two cars. On the way to Cipanten, we will pass plantations and also pass housing. The ticket price is Rp. children Rp. 5,000 parking tickets for cars Rp. 10,000 and motorcycles Rp. 5,000 We are four of us, we will be charged a fee of around Rp. 30,000 once for the price of the ticket. motorbikes to park your own car go to the left, there are lots of spacious places available here For parking, don't worry, there's no parking.

We've arrived there. Cipanten is the place. Tourist attractions Situ Cipanten. feed 2000 worth of fish [Applause] and this seems like a lot of these things does he feel just a little bit uh you meet Ah a lot huh [Music] I can feed fish already [Music] Can swim too here please tell me the photos for the test so much [Music] [Applause] [Music] We will go to the selfie spot for photos and also the swing area to take photos with the fish at the kwini [Music] [Applause] photos but there's morning Be careful [Music] nah let's give it Uh I think there's a lot of this [Music] we can swim here and rent a float, which is Rp. 10,000 and there are also hanging bicycles that cost Rp.20,000 and get photos too Hi Yo Also on my uTube we can ride ducks or use a boat to Spot this love photo for free.

On the edge of the cipantenen, we can feed the fish because there are so many fish , the children are very happy to feed the fish, interact with the fish, which can also hold the fish, and still the children must be monitored and also paid attention so that this does not happen unwanted things [Music] [Applause ] friends who want to take a photo like this it's very easy for the fee, which is Rp. 5,000 later friends will be photographed for a photographer here and later it will be sent to a friend's cellphone -all friends and you can share it on social media [Music] There are also forests, yes, mountains [Music] We can do trekking Here, the trails are also good [Music ] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] There is a very narrow photo as well.

The e-blue boat has cool air and lots of trees and plants, so it's fun for us trekking and walking around Cipanten. Music] 11 there are lots of people selling our snacks.

Well, there's sostel, there are egg rolls, there's grandma's hair, and many more, there are those who sell pants too. For example, if you don't bring a swimsuit, you want to swim, you can buy it here, there are pants for swimming. [Music] The site isn't too big so we don't get tired of going around Cipanten. Music ] There is also a place where The Playground is played, even though it's small and it's been a long time, maybe a lot of things are broken, it's not bad for the kids [Music] So here we are going to ride, namely the ducks, which are going around Cipanten.

This costs Rp.hello hello this boat costs Rp. 10,000 for one person because this boat is in great demand and there is only one boat so there are lots of queues like going up to this movement lots of duck boats so the queue is fast, yes and for The boat is great for taking pictures so it takes a lot of time to take pictures. [Music ] We can swim and go to the middle of it, Cipanten. And being able to jump from a height like this is safe. It's safe to use a life jacket.

Good luck, just find caps. Well, later watch with the ice carrier [Music] hi [Music] magazine Well this is an area that gets a lot of wipes li is used to taking pictures from this boat or swimming on this bank because of the atmosphere.

Still see very natural here, there are no buildings. Well, again, we are very good. or feed the fish directly, friends, you have to try, namely coming to tourist attractions.

Situ Cipanten is a lot. The water is clear. We can swim here and take pictures and there are also lots of magnetic rides. Don't forget to go there, Cipanten , the video is from us, hopefully useful and content for your holidays Thank you for watching and thank you also for supporting our channel by passing others who haven't subscribed subscribe immediately because we will provide information about culinary tourist attractions and also lodging so subscribe like share and comment thanks [Music ].

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